How the cost of a funeral has soared 90

11 February 2016

How the cost of a funeral has soared 90

 Funeral costs are rising faster than house prices in some areas, and the soaring expenses are putting pressure on public authorities.

However, pinning down the reason for funeral inflation is difficult, even for those in the industry.

The average price of death is now £8,126, according to a survey by Sun Life, which offers policies to insure against the growing cost of funerals. The fastest-rising part of this cost is the funeral itself, which is 90% more expensive than a decade ago at £3,693.  Costs are growing in all corners of this service. Funeral directors charge an average of £2,204 for the coffin, organising and other advice, while the fee for a cremation has risen to £688. Doctors charge an average of £164 to certify death, while a minister costs £152, Sun Life found.  On top of this is the £2,000 for extras such as catering for a wake, a headstone and limousine hire.

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